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Presentations and Maps Now Available!
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Presentations and maps are now available from our recent presentations to Bronx Community Boards 9 and 10. These presentations went over the upcoming expansion of the shared e-scooter service area, which is scheduled for this June.

Bronx Community Board 9

Bronx Community Board 10

If you have any questions or comments, please send us a message at scooter.share@dot.nyc.gov.

Shared e-scooter survey now available! 

A survey regarding the shared e-scooter pilot program in the East Bronx, which started in mid-August 2021. The purpose of this survey is to receive feedback from the public on the pilot, whether or not they've used the service. The survey should take about 2 to 5 minutes to complete.

Please navigate to the "Survey" tab to access the survey. 

a screenshot of the survey


Accessible vehicles are available to rent in the East Bronx!

A photo of the options of adaptive or accessible vehicles and attachments offered by Bird, Lime, and Veo
Examples of accessible options provided by Bird, Lime, and Veo. 


As a part of the shared e-scooter pilot in the East Bronx, BirdLimeVeo all provide options for residents to rent an electric accessible vehicle or attachment. As opposed to the shared e-scooters found on-street, these vehicles and attachments are reserved in advanced and picked up/dropped off at specific locations.  

Each company offers different options. Please visit each company’s website for more information.

Discounted pricing for shared e-scooters available!

BirdLimeVeo all provide discounted pricing to New Yorkers who receive or qualify for any local, state, or federal assistance program (e.g. SNAP, NYCHA, discounted utility bill). This can significantly reduce the costs of using an e-scooter. You can find more details for each company's program below.

  • Bird Access (PDF) - $5 per month
    • Program provides unlimited 45-minute rides.
  • Lime Access (PDF) - Free
    • Program provides unlimited 30 minute rides. Additional time is $0.04 per minute.
  • Veo Access - $5 per month
    • Program provides 30 minutes of free riding per day. Additional time is $.20 per minute 


Two people riding e-scooters.


 Be sure to familiarize yourself with safety requirements before riding and remember:

  • Follow all traffic laws
  • Use bike lanes when available
  • Do not ride on the sidewalk
  • No double riding
  • Only for age 18+
  • Helmets strongly encouraged! 

More safety tips for riding e-scooters and e-bikes at nyc.gov/ebikes




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