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NYC DOT Announces Micromobility Pilot in East Bronx Will Move Toward Becoming a Long-Term Program, as New Report Details Success

The New York City Department of Transportation Commissioner Ydanis Rodriguez released a Request for Proposals (PDF) to expand micromobility, with the capacity to make a pilot that began last year in the East Bronx permanent.

“We are announcing today that the shared e-scooter pilot I supported as a Councilmember will aim to become a long-term program, pending the results of DOT’s RFP,” said Commissioner Ydanis Rodriguez. “On the streets of the East Bronx, this pilot met and exceeded its ambitious goals around safety, mobility, and equity. And now we are ready to do even more for more communities.”

For more information, please visit PASSPort and type in the Key Word "84123P0004". 

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The agency also released a report highlighting the success of that pilot, which has logged more than 1.4 million rides with no fatalities and few serious injuries since it launched in August 2021.

Here are some quick takeaways:

Mobility: Shared e-scooters were widely used. Over 86,000 rider accounts completed over 1,000,000 trips in twelve months. The pilot averaged over 2,800 trips per day. Weekdays saw higher ridership than weekends and warmer months saw significantly higher trips than cooler ones.

Popular shared e-scooter routes connected to transit. Ridership was high on commercial corridors and near MTA transit, including subway stations, bus and ferry stops. Shared e-scooters provided “last-mile” connections.

Safety: The shared e-scooter pilot has a strong safety record. No fatalities were reported. Most crashes where severity was indicated resulted in minor injuries or no injury.

Parking: Parking corrals reduce clutter and obstructions. Corrals are successful in creating a more organized streetscape along busy corridors across the pilot. Sidewalk obstructions remain an area for improvement. During DOT inspections, 24 percent of all inspected e-scooters were improperly parked.

For more information regarding the RFP or the report, please read the full press release

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